krckbrnd spring drop

Break Sweatshirt

Crafted from premium quality cotton, this black and white contrasting piece stands out as the pinnacle of our collab series with DJ Undoo.

179.00 lei

The graphic is intricately detailed, highlighting the passion and dedication that goes into creating music. The heavy cotton comfiness & high-quality print ensure durability, while also showcasing strong details from the turntable DJ universe. Styluses and tone arms come together with a KRCKed vinyl on top of our notorious skull, in order to send a powerful message BASED ON A REAL STORY.

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Krack este un streetbrand romanesc de lifestyle care isi doreste sa aduca in prim-plan calitatea la fiecare nivel al creatiei. Based on a real story.
Crafted with ❤️ in Cotroceni.
Hoodcrafted in Romania